ALLDATA Mobile Download from App Store

ALLDATA is the leading provider of diagnostic and repair information to the professional automotive repair industry. Available to ALLDATA subscribers, ALLDATA Mobile provides a new way to access repair information. ALLDATA Mobile lets users navigate through a newly designed Information grid and enables them to connect to a vehicle through the OBDII port using approved hardware.

ALLDATA Mobile truly is the next big thing in professional vehicle repair. It lets you take advantage of smart, convenient features, depending on whether your iPad uses both Wi-Fi and a data plan or Wi-Fi only.

If you have an iPad with Wi-Fi only, you’ll enjoy these benefits:

Tablet friendly repair information grid to find what you need—fast!
Zoom in to view diagrams and schematics (including wiring diagrams) like never before
Eliminates computer sharing and working from printed articles
VIN Barcode Scanner Available on Supported iPads

If you have an iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular, a data plan and a Kiwi® 2 Wifi OBDII device, you get all of the features above PLUS you can:

Auto populate the VIN then go straight to specific ALLDATA repair information
Read standard P codes from the vehicle then link to the specific ALLDATA diagnostic article
Store P Codes tied to the specific vehicle’s VIN to maintain an accurate vehicle history
Access Freeze Data and Emissions Readiness

ALLDATA Mobile revolutionizes auto repair by bringing the power of ALLDATA’s OEM-direct information together with the latest technology. Work faster and smarter!